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Working the reflex points of the feet to balance the energies of the body, helping you to relax and heal.

Pregnancy Therapies


During Pregnancy reflexology can have a supportive role for mums to be supporting

  • Relaxation & the health of the mother
  • Preparation for birth
  • Assist in the prevention of a variety of pregnancy related conditions

Generally any treatment should not commence until after the 1st trimester when the new life is well established in the womb. In the BTY Centre clinic a specialist chair is used to ensure the utmost comfort of the pregnant client.

Pregnancy Massage

Includes back, arms, hands, legs

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage produces a relaxation to the body at its deepest level so is very effective at creating harmony and positive energy flow. All these excellent effects of the stone massage are so vital to our own health especially with today’s stressful fast living. By creating a healthy energy flow we create a healthy body. The hot stone massage is excellent for dissolving stress, removing blockages, neutralising negative energies, drawing energy away from over stimulated areas, re-energizing the body and increasing white T cells, those which fight against diseases.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

This massage is carried out on a massage bed using oils, including massage of the back, neck, shoulders and arms/hands and the head and scalp/face

Holistic Massage

Back Neck & Shoulder Massage

Focusing on tension in the back, neck and shoulders, this massage aims to relieve tension and pain from the upper body

Full Body Massage

A deeply relaxing massage of the full body including the back, neck, shoulders, legs, arms and the abdomen



Reiki Is a method of natural healing based on the use of Universal Life-Force/Energy. It is channelled through the practitioners /masters hands. It was rediscovered in the 19th century by Dr Usui. Everyone experiences Reiki differently. Some feel a slight tingling or sensations of warmth, others just a deep relaxation. Others feel rejuvenated or energised. Some even fall asleep.

Organic Facial with Neal's Yard Organics

Organic Facial Treatment

The Natural Facial combines a deep cleaning and moisturising treatment with a deeply relaxing facial massage. During the treatment I use the Neals Yard Organic Range which has a proven history of ethical standards and chemical free natural care.